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Crpytomonopoly: is a project that combines the classic Monopoly game with the exciting world of cryptocurrencies. The game allows players to create and compete in real financial strategies using the valuable fields of cryptocurrencies. The main goal of the project is to give players both a fun gaming experience and a practical understanding of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptomonopoly CP

Embark on the Cryptomonopoly adventure with Cryptomonopoly CP, your secure and versatile in-game token unlocking exclusive features and bonuses.

Early Bonus

Jumpstart your Cryptomonopoly journey! Earn early bonuses in Cryptomonopoly CP to enhance your gaming experience and fast-track your progress.

Universal Access

Enjoy universal access to Cryptomonopoly! Whether at home or on the go, Cryptomonopoly CP ensures seamless entry into the game from any location.

Secure Storage

Safeguard your in-game assets with secure storage powered by Cryptomonopoly CP. Your virtual properties and achievements are protected for an uninterrupted gaming experience.

Low Cost

Level up without breaking the bank! Cryptomonopoly CP transactions offer low costs, allowing you to make in-game purchases and upgrades with ease.

Several Profit

Diversify your in-game portfolio and maximize profits in Cryptomonopoly. Cryptomonopoly CP opens the door to various earning opportunities, making your gaming journey more rewarding.



29.6% Earn And Bonus

39.2% Cryotomonopoly Game Ecosystem

20.4 % Game Developer

10.8 % Partnership


The Timeline

First Quarter of 2024: Exchange Listing

Cryptomonopoly CP will integrate into DEX and CEX exchanges in the first quarter of 2024, expanding its user base.

Second Quarter of 2024: Completion of Game Design

The design of the Cryptomonopoly game, adapted for the crypto space, will be completed, providing players with a unique gaming experience.

Third Quarter of 2024: In-Game Bonuses and Play-to-Earn Model

In-game bonuses and a play-to-earn model will be integrated, allowing players to earn rewards with Cryptomonopoly CP and enjoy in-game advantages.

Fourth Quarter of 2024: Integration of Other Games

Other games, determined through community voting, will be integrated into the system. Cryptomonopoly CP will offer a broader gaming portfolio based on user preferences across various games.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cryptomonopoly CP is a crypto token specifically designed for the Cryptomonopoly game. It is used for in-game advantages, bonuses, and the in-game economy.

CP tokens can be purchased from exchanges or earned through in-game activities and play-to-earn rewards.

Exchange listing is planned to broaden the reach of Cryptomonopoly CP and facilitate its trading.

CP tokens will be listed on DEX and CEX exchanges as planned in the first quarter of 2024.

The Cryptomonopoly game aims to bring the classic Monopoly experience into the crypto world, offering players a fun and rewarding gaming experience.

With the completion of the game design, players will be able to access exclusive content and advantages using Cryptomonopoly CP.

Other games, determined through community voting, will be integrated into the Cryptomonopoly system in the fourth quarter of 2024.

Cryptomonopoly will continuously evolve, taking community feedback into account and enhancing the gaming experience by introducing new features.

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